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Products The fully comprehensible MARINI offer, which is able to live up to the expectations of even the most demanding client looking for asphalt plant equipment, is the result of the synergies created with other companies in the FAYAT Group, the only full-liner in the road building sector.


marini: the asphalt plant Stationary, mobile, transportable on wheels asphalt plants... the fully articulated MARINI offer is able to satisfy an asphalt production up to 480 t/h ensuring the best product quality and flexibility of use.

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Continuous asphalt plants are named like this because there is no interruption in the process of asphalt production. Unlike batch-type plants, the mixing of aggregates, filler and bitumen takes place in the dryer drum. For this reason the drum, which is considerably longer than a batch-plant drum, takes the name of drum-mixer.

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The Marini-Ermont TRX 100% is the world's first supermobile warm mix asphalt plant able to recycle up to 100% of RAP. This asphalt plant guarantees homogeneous high-quality HMA over a maximum flow range of 430 T/h.

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The advantages of the Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant Consequently, in batch plants (as opposed to continuous plants) the hot aggregates, filler and bitumen are first weighed and then fed into the mixer. After mixing, the asphalt is discharged from the mixer in the storage bin or directly onto the trucks.


MARINI-ERMONT is specialized in the production of supermobile or stationary, continous and batch asphalt plants. By offering a large range of hot-mix asphalt plants (from 35 to 630 TpH), stationary, transportable, mobile or supermobile, continuous or batch plants, Marini-Ermont can provide small business as well as building and public works ...

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Dan Lupascu, Marini Training Manager A 25-year career in the asphalt mix production sector. He began his career in the role of electrician, and continued on to become the Head of Road Machinery and System Maintenance for a leading international French group, world leader in road paving.

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The FAYAT Road Equipment Division, part of the Fayat Group, offers its customers innovative and sustainable solutions throughout the world. Our global approach to road construction, maintenance and rehabilitation enables our experts to provide local solutions suited to the specific context of each job.

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Services Throughout the world the name of MARINI equates with quality and reliability for asphalt plants together with promptness and dependability for after-sales and spare-parts service.

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MARINI-ERMONT is the leader in term of technology for supermobile batch asphalt plants. With over 35 years of experience and references on all continents, our RoadBatch ERMONT completes the FAYAT’s offer to match our customers needs.

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Hot mix batch asphalt plants – Marini offers a wide range of hot (or warm) mix asphalt plants, with production capacities up to 480tph, in different versions from the super mobile, the containerized, the transferable or the tradional stationary plant. Recycling solutions up to 100% (with a double drum or with Master Tower).

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Marini, Fayat Group Mobile / Transferable / Stationary Discover MARINI's batch asphalt plants, mobile, transferable and stationary. MARINI

TSM range | Marini-Ermont

The TSM is a supermobile continuous asphalt plant, robust and easy to use. Available in 3 models to cover small-,medium- and some large-sized projects on the move. Equipped with parallel flow Dryer Drum Mixer technology, it can easily produce all types of asphalt and recycle up to 30% RAP.

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Fully customizable stationary, mobile and transportable on wheels asphalt plants; Asphalt production up to 480 t/h; Main production phases (warm mix, hot mix or cold mix) carried out internally.

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MARINI and FAYAT Mixing Plant companies complete the solution range with a comprehensive portfolio of continuous mix plants (MARINI-ERMONT) and cold mix plants . At Marini India we strive to prevent and solve the real-life challenges occurring to our customers in the workplace.

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The Marini plants are designed ready to use up to 45 % of Recycled asphalt products (RAP). As the plant is pre-programmed for high content RAP, simple add-ons on the Marini plant make production of recycled asphalt easy, even when the plant is not purchased with recycling options.

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Marini offers a wide range of hot (or warm) mix asphalt plants, with a capacity from 70 – 440 t/h, both mobile and stationary. While Marini is our specialist in batch-mix production, Marini-Ermont offers asphalt mixing plants in continuous mix production. SAE is our operator for cold-mix techniques.


The RM 120 ALLROAD, designed and produced by Marini-Ermont, is a hypermobile, continuous, monopack, sturdy and easy-to-use asphalt plant, equipped with RETROFLUX counterflow technology, which enables recycling of up to 40% of asphalt aggregate with output ranging from 50 to 120 T/h, with very low emissions.

Marini-Ermont TRX 100% | FAYAT

In France, the average amount of asphalt aggregates in new asphalt is 17%. The TRM 100% is genuinely and outstandingly innovative and marks an unprecedented step forward in terms of technology and the environment, making it the world's most effective and environmentally-friendly mobile recycling solution.

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The subjects on the production of asphalt aggregates, formulation, work site management, fields of use or administrative aspects are tackled by the Standing Group. There are over 300, mainly stationary, recycling plants in France. The mean potential recycling rate overall is 35% for 3% humidity. 50% of plants operate continuously and 50% in ...

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DCPL’s first Marini asphalt plant in Gujarat, proves Marini to be the right choice for very future focused entrant in the asphalt mixing business. Digvijay Construction, a Gujarat based road construction firm is seeing the benefit of the investment in its asphalt production facility at Vataman, close to Ahmedabad.

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Jun 12, 2013 · With over 60 years' experience, Marini is one of the oldest constructors of asphalt plants and advanced solutions for recycling. We are committed to work closely with our partners to understand ...


Founded in 1957, the group recorded a turnover in 2019 of 4.6 billion euros with over 22.150 employees in 170 countries. With FAYAT's road building equipment division FAYAT will be joining the select circle of the major international players in road construction.

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This Marini (Fayat group) plant is a Top Tower 3000 model, equipped with the best in technological solutions available on the market. With a production of 200 ton/h, it can produce any asphalt mix with hot or cold technology, with the possibility of recycling milling waste.

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MARINI A world leader in the production of asphalt plants. ... 1,000 asphalt plants sold worldwide ... FAYAT Group; Press ...


Marini ROADSTAR – is the leading hyper mobile asphalt plant model in India. Marini during the show announced the launch of RS 1800 and RS 2700 160Tph/ 200 Tph hyper mobile plants for India. On the Modular asphalt plant front, the MAC 320/360 range of plants were also offered to customer in India who realized the benefits of a highly reliable ...

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TOP TOWER 3000 is an asphalt plant by Marini Fayat, completely fitted out for use with all types of additives, selected pre-processed RAP materials and, above all, warm asphalts.

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No other company or group is awarded more prizes by international juries in our field. Roads. Be they French, Italian or German, FAYAT Group companies dedicated to road building equipment have earned 7 awards, and are at the forefront of the technologies that many contractors and project managers are looking for in Europe.

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Marini is a world leader in the manufacturing of asphalt mixing plant and is part of the FAYAT Road Equipment Division an important part of the FAYAT Group. MARINI join hands with BOMAG BREINING and DYNAPAC as member of the FAYAT Group to exhibit at the Bauma China 2018 LECTURA Press. Get Price

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The retrofitting of the asphalt plant MAP 260 One of the most significant examples of Marini's successful intervention is the MAP 260 plant belonging to the Adige Bitumen Group in Friola Vicenza. Installed in 1997 on the site of Friola di Pozzoleone it has been progressively modified and modernized to face new work challenges.

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