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The advantages of the Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant Consequently, in batch plants (as opposed to continuous plants) the hot aggregates, filler and bitumen are first weighed and then fed into the mixer. After mixing, the asphalt is discharged from the mixer in the storage bin or directly onto the trucks.


MARINI and the companies connected to the FAYAT Mixing Plant business unit complete the range with their continuous mix plants (MARINI-ERMONT) and cold mix plants . The company’s philosophy is to put above all else the need to prevent and solve the real-life problems which users continuously meet in the workplace.

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The advantages of the Batch Asphalt Mixing Plant Consequently, in batch plants (as opposed to continuous plants) the hot aggregates, filler and bitumen are first weighed and then fed into the mixer. After mixing, the asphalt is discharged from the mixer in the storage bin or directly onto the trucks.

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Warm-mix asphalt began to appear in some countries – particularly Holland and South Africa – in the late 1990s, before reaching France at the beginning of the new millennium. FAYAT’s first warm-mix asphalt project dates back to 1999, in Holland, with a foamed bitumen process installed in a batch-mix plant.

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Services Throughout the world the name of MARINI equates with quality and reliability for asphalt plants together with promptness and dependability for after-sales and spare-parts service.

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MARINI has been known for its technological development in the asphalt plant mixing industry and for products that perform and deliver results. It’s commitment to global customers is one reason that it has an un paralleled footprint across the globe. MARINI India is a 100% held subsidiary of Marini Italy.

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Hot mix batch asphalt plants – Marini offers a wide range of hot (or warm) mix asphalt plants, with production capacities up to 480tph, in different versions from the super mobile, the containerized, the transferable or the tradional stationary plant. Recycling solutions up to 100% (with a double drum or with Master Tower).

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Continuous asphalt plants are named like this because there is no interruption in the process of asphalt production. Unlike batch-type plants, the mixing of aggregates, filler and bitumen takes place in the dryer drum. For this reason the drum, which is considerably longer than a batch-plant drum, takes the name of drum-mixer.

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Sep 06, 2015 · ROADSTAR Marini (Fayat Group) Mobile Batch Asphalt Plant - Central Móvel Produtora de Betuminoso Marini Roadstar. http://www.marini.fayat.com/en/


Dec 21, 2015 · Timelapse assembly of MARINI mobile asphalt plant XPRESS 2500 - production up to 200 t/h ... MARINI-ERMONT - Fayat Group - Duration: 4:05. ... Speco Asphalt Mixing Plant - The Best Equipment for ...

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PROBLEMS. The road surface shows slight to extensive cracking top down or bottom up, segregation, raveling, shoving or rutting. SOLUTIONS. Most common methods for rehabilitating a typical asphalt pavement structure is an asphalt overlay or milling of the existing asphalt and paving a new asphalt layer.

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Fayat on the roads Road Building Equipment Magazine 12.2012 No22 Warm mix asphalt and Recycling on the rise Energy savings during production process European EN 536 safety standard for mixing plants SPECIAL ISSUE Mixing plants Everything you need for your warm mix asphalt FAYAT Mixing plants MARINI • MARINI-ERMONT • SAE Français/English

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Over recent years, a new term has come into usage in the asphalt vocabulary, namely warm asphalt mixes.. A general increase in environmental awareness means that a considerable amount of attention is now paid to this type of asphalt mix, mainly regarding the reduction of exhaust gases into the atmosphere, in accordance with the directives of the Kyoto protocol.

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The plant must be bang on the job and produce quality mix, as each day costs the contractor a lot … and that is exactly what MARINI MAC did.” – Mr Haribabu VP Transportation. “If something goes wrong, the control system will indicate exactly when a motor came on, the amps it was drawing, and when it was turned off.

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Plants for mixing asphalt are becoming more sophisticated than ever, while users are looking for ecological and technological benefits. Patrick Smith reports. When the Adige Bitumi Group decided to renew its old M 260 plant it chose to collaborate with Marini for the design and development of a plant with production of 280-300tonnes/hour.

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Alltech industries India pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2008 in Mehsana, Gujarat by Mr. Rakesh Patel and was set up to produce volumetric equipment of Asphalt plants for Marini Fayat group. Innovation & changes in Alltech’s designs & Productions are tested & evolved at first manufacturing clay brick machines with exclusive models.

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May 02, 2013 · Asphalt plants like every other capital equipment has a life. The average in India is around 5 years or roughly 6-800 000 tons, then the plants become so expensive to maintain, that its better to give them a good burial. However a Marini, is a different breed, they are born to last.

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Marini’s latest offer – DuraRAP, is based on proprietary technology that has been proven world over on thousands of asphalt plants. Compared to traditional methods of recycling DuraRAP takes a leap forward in terms of energy efficiency & safe guarding important characteristics of liquid asphalt, thereby offering a very durable recycled asphalt mix.

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With this latest acknowledgment at INTERMAT 2012, FAYAT group has acquired a total of seven awards from the same forum for it’s innovative technologies. Ergonomics: 90% of persons working in the road-building industry are journeyman and technicians or lower management, vulnerable to occupational illnesses primarily caused by muscular problems.

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It involves our new line of asphalt plants, the edge of our engineering investments” –Michele Viroli, Marini Area Sales Manager said commenting the erection of the plant. This partnership, between two companies at the top in their field, has created a new model jobsite, an example not only for the Nigerian but for the whole market.

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Modified Asphalt – The MAGNUM plants produce asphalt mixtures with any type of modified bitumen, thanks to its “plug and play” devices that can be attached to the asphalt plants. Filler Bin – Designed to add the extra filler that may be required in some cases, as well as, for the production of special asphalt mixes.

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Speaking about the plant, Mr. Y. Nagaraja, Managing Director, Ramky Infrastructure said recently, "Our company is focused on sustainable development and we found in Fayat Group the right partner." The recent addition of Green asphalt plants from MARINI have further fortified Ramky's image in terms of a green company.

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With form Bitumen: Foaming technology offered by the Fayat group is one of the most unique and reliable ways of producing warm mix asphalt without the need for additional investments, unlike in the case of additives. With over 500 installations world-wide, this system produces high quality warm mix on demand, economically with extremely low ...

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Marini India is already manufacturing around 25% of its asphalt plant component in India. Extension of this manufacturing capacity is in the offing. . . India will keep utilising investments from Fayat Group, says Mr. Blesson Varghese , Managing Director, Marini India, in an interview with S.K.Khanna .

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This is a significant breakthrough for FAYAT subsidiary BOMAG as well as the mixing plant business unit subsidiaries MARINI-ERMONT. “The addition of these product lines enhances the position of FAYAT GROUP as the only full liner in road building equipment, for long term success and significant growth potential in the industry.


design and improvement of a control system for a wet mix plant with iot control. ... "asphalt plants: continuous vs . batch", marini - fayat group, 2018. [online]. available:

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Asphalt mixing plant is a kind of equipment to mix the proportioned aggregates into the asphalt mixture under the specified temperature. And its main application is to produce asphalt modified asphalt mixture colored asphalt mixture and meet the requirements of highway construction classified highway construction urban road construction parking ...


MARINI ColdFALT Cold/Wet Mix Plant, which is designed for mechanical stabilization, cement stabilization and cold asphalt mixtures, always runs smoothly even on the most challenging projects and never lets you down. Cold/Wet Mix Plant Dosing belt flow sensors stop the system automatically when aggregate feeding is interrupted.

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Gujarat Apollo Industries Ltd., an ISO – 9001:2000, certified company is a leading manufacturer of Road construction machinery like Asphalt batch mix plant, Wet mix plant, and Different types of pavers, Mobile and Stationary crushing plants. Gujarat Apollo is a group company. In Apollo groups more than 8 companies.

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Aug 01, 2016 · Blesson launched Marini an Italian company in India, from obscurity to a reputed brand, accepted nationwide. His contribution to the asphalt industry has been unparalleled, including world record projects like Delhi & Mumbai International Airport along with other large airports & national highways in the country, he helped his clientele scale up their plant production and increase ...

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